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Forces Motrices Hongrin-Léman S.A. (FMHL)

Staumauer Hongrin

The Forces Motrices Hongrin-Léman (FMHL) Company was founded in 1963 with the purpose of creating a pumped storage hydroelectric facility. The main features of the project are the Hongrin dam and the two underground pumped storage power plants near Lake Geneva.

The Hongrin dam - alt 1255 m
Characterized by its two elegant curved arches, the Hongrin dam represents a real stock of energy. Located near Col des Mosses, it has a capacity of 52 million m3 of water, which corresponds to around 100 GWh, or 10 days of electricity consumption for the Canton of Vaud.

In addition to the supply from the natural watershed, water is collected by eight water intakes, and also pumped from Lake Geneva.

Type: double arch
Commissioned: 1971
Height: 123 m / 95 m
Crest: 600 m
Reservoir capacity: 52 million cbm
Area: 160 ha
Naturel Catchment area: 46 km2
Total catchment area: 90.8 km

Veytaux power plant - alt 377 m
Veytaux I station, which entered service in 1971, comprises four hydroelectric turbines, each with a capacity of 60 MW. The station can process water at a rate of up to 32 m3/sec. In the reverse direction, the pumps can drive up to 24 m3/sec. of Lake Geneva water to Lake Hongrin, 880 meters higher.

Units: 4x 2 Pelton turbines and 4 pumps
Capacity: 240 MW
Launch: 1971

Veytaux II power plant - alt 376 m
To respond to peaks in demand and to control energy needs, FMHL doubled the capacity of the facility by constructing a second power plant, which entered service in 2017. Adjacent to the Veytaux I station, the Veytaux II station consists of two 120 MW generators.

Units: 2 Pelton turbines and 2 pumps
Capacity: 240 MW
Launch: 2017

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Veytaux, VD

Veytaux I: 4x 2 Pelton turbines / Veytaux II: 2 Pelton turbines

480 MW, with 60 MW in reserve

Alpiq: 39,29 %

Veytaux I: 1971 / Veytaux II: 2017

1,000 GWh

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