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Alpiq Energia Italia signs supply contract with the Pisa Energia consortium

A few days ago, Alpiq Energia Italia S.p.A., a sales organisation of the Swiss Alpiq Group, concluded an electricity supply contract with Pisa Energia. Pisa Energia is a consortium that was founded by the local industry association after the liberalisation of the Italian electricity market, with the goal of negotiating for its members, favourable terms that correspond to their consumption.

Within the framework of this contract, 80 GWh of electricity are supplied at a fixed price to approximately twenty medium-sized and large companies from a wide variety of industries, such as transport, metal construction, mechanical engineering, food, lime/gypsum and services throughout the entire contract period (a year as of 1 July 2012).

“We have chosen Alpiq”, Maddalena Speziali, the consortium’s President, explains, “because the company not only offers us a more favourable price and the best sales conditions, but also demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and accommodated all the customer requirements. Although our consortium is only a medium-sized consumer, thanks to the competition that rules the market, in the past it has always succeeded in obtaining and taking advantage of good offers. We owe this to our dynamic and lean structure, which allows us to make quick and efficient decisions while taking into consideration all the needs of our various members.”

“The signing of the contract provides evidence for the fact that an increasing number of market participants understand how to take advantage of the dynamics of the complex market with its constant price changes for their procurement decisions,” Stefano Colombo, Alpiq Group’s Head of Market Western Europe, confirms. “Therefore, regardless of the challenging economic environment, the Pisa Energia consortium has succeeded in seizing the moment and securing favourable conditions for its companies, which belong to the most dynamic and active production sectors in Italy.”