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Alpiq is the new energy partner for the Consorzio Piacenza Energia

Only a few weeks after the signing of an energy supply contract with the consortium from Pisa, Alpiq Energia Italia S.p.A. acquires a further major customer from amongst the circle of the business associations.

The Consorzio Piacenza Energia, which was founded in 2000 in the course of the liberalisation of the electricity market by the association of the local enterprises, chose Alpiq Energia Italia as the supplier for its affiliated enterprises for the period until the end of June 2013.

In the supply contract for more than one hundred companies, which are active primarily in metal construction and mechanical engineering and exhibit a combined annual consumption of 160 Gwh, a fixed price was agreed upon, which is favourable compared to other suppliers.

The consortium, which, since its founding, is managed by Guiseppe Parenti, the owner of Paver Costruzioni and President of the Piacenza Chamber of Commerce, is also active in the methane gas market and supports its member in the search for the best suppliers. In addition, it is committed to the promotion of renewable energy sources within the framework of cooperation projects.

“This supply contract, with which we extend our customer base in the “consortia” segment, is in line with the business plan that was announced by our Swiss parent company and which assigns Italy a strategic role in the sale of energy to large customers and wholesalers,” Stefano Colombo, Alpiq Group’s Head of Market Western Europe, explains. “In this manner, Alpiq is able to consolidate its position as a supplier of competitive prices and tailor-made services for a wide variety of customers.”