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Artificial intelligence steers power consumption

Zurich - Alpiq presents a new technology for the intelligent steering of energy consumption at the Powertage 2014 energy fair. This technology, called GridSense, available from autumn 2014, uses artificial intelligence to anticipate user behaviour and steer household, trade and industry power consumption in an optimum manner. Electricity is, therefore, used as efficiently and economically as possible.

The GridSense technology can be integrated into various electrical equipment, such as charging stations for electric vehicles, boilers and heat pumps, as well as photovoltaic systems and house batteries. The technology basically consists of an intelligent algorithm. In its area of application, it constantly measures various parameters such as grid load and power consumption and includes weather forecasts and electricity charges in its calculations. By means of artificial intelligence, the algorithm also learns about the behaviour of users of the equipment. These processes run without the user noticing anything or relinquishing any of their life or work convenience. This enables the efficient and economic use of electricity.

The new technology takes up the characteristics of renewable energies and makes an important contribution to efficient energy use. Peter Limacher, Head of the Alpiq InTec Group, explains: “With the growing integration of new renewable energies such as solar and wind energy, power grids are increasingly exposed to heavy loads. The intelligent solution here is called GridSense.” The new technology balances out these fluctuations in an optimum manner and also steers the demand side.

In contrast to central solutions, it offers a financial advantage, as the technology operates autonomously without any central control and without any complex communication with the energy provider. GridSense will be developed and distributed by Alpiq InTec. Electric vehicle charging stations equipped with this technology will be available from autumn 2014. Other products are currently in the development phase and are expected to be available for purchase from 2015.

GridSense® is a registered trademark of the Alpiq InTec Group.