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Planning new nuclear power plants for Switzerland's energy security

Atel is committed to obtaining broad-based support for future new nuclear power plants, and ensuring that the interests of all affected parties, in particular Switzerland's peripheral regions, are taken into account. With this in mind, all the relevant existing nuclear power plant sites must be incorporated in the planning process. The new plants must be built in the most suitable locations. Atel is still working on a preliminary study for a possible project in the Gösgen region in Solothurn. Atel has been approached by Axpo/BKW, but a concrete offer has not yet been formulated.

Atel wants to keep all options open

Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity (Atel) takes note of the intention of the Axpo Group and BKW FMB Energy Ltd to start work on the planning of two new nuclear power plants in Mühleberg and Beznau. To ensure a reliable supply of electricity with no dependency on imports, Atel is convinced that Switzerland needs two or three nuclear power plants in addition to measures to promote energy efficiency and electricity from renewable energies. It goes without saying that these plants should be jointly planned and built on the most suitable existing sites. The District of Solothurn (Gösgen region) is an ideal candidate in this respect.

Discussions concerning a joint venture have been held with Axpo and BKW, but have not yet been finalised. They are still at the stage of formulating an offer. Atel remains open to negotiating with Axpo and BKW with a view to acquiring a substantial stake that will allow Atel to honour its supply obligations in Switzerland over the long term.

Given the fact that the whole of Switzerland is affected by the problem of imminent supply shortfalls, Atel is committed to obtaining broad-based support across the energy sector for future nuclear power plants. Giovanni Leonardi, Atel CEO, comments: "We feel a special obligation towards Switzerland's peripheral regions and want to protect the interests of future Atel/EOS shareholders and their supply regions. These are: Western Switzerland, North Western Switzerland, parts of the Swiss Mittelland plateau, the canton of Ticino and Zug."

Atel aims to continue supporting joint concepts and, with this in mind, pushing ahead with the planned project in the Gösgen region. This will ensure that Swiss voters are offered a choice of the best locations for future nuclear power plants. After all, in the democratic decision-making process the Swiss people have the final say.

Atel Holding Ltd