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#prixalpiq 2022 – rewarding intercommunal governance and awareness of the value of water

Lausanne – The #prixalpiq 2022 was awarded to two sustainable water management projects at the Foire du Valais in Martigny. The “Regionale Wasserversorgung Südrampe” (Regional Water Supply of the Southern Ramp) project, supported by the municipalities of Visp, Naters, Brig-Glis and Lalden, won this second edition thanks to its innovative intercommunal system of governance securing the regional supply of drinking water. The jury also awarded a “Winner of hearts” prize to the project “La Conquête de l'eau” (The Conquest for Water) by the municipality of Ayent, a film about the value and importance of water resources and its preservation. The winning project received CHF 40,000 and the “Winner of hearts” project received CHF 10,000.

Alpiq, in partnership with the Association of Concession-Granting Municipalities of Valais (ACC), today announced the winners of the second edition of the #prixalpiq award. Antje Kanngiesser, CEO of Alpiq, Amédée Murisier, Head of Hydropower Generation at Alpiq, and Christoph Bürgin, President of the ACC, personally presented the awards (worth a total of CHF 50,000) to the winning projects at an official ceremony held during the Foire du Valais. “As has been made clear once again in the last few months, climate change is having a very real impact on our environment, especially when it comes to water management”, says Antje Kanngiesser. “With the #prixalpiq award, we are committed to working with the municipalities of Valais to develop ideas for preserving this vital resource and managing its many uses.” Christoph Bürgin comments: “The climatic and environmental situation is pushing municipalities to find innovative water management solutions. The #prixalpiq award supports this very research and promotes its implementation.”

Innovative intercommunal governance to secure the regional supply of drinking water

The municipalities of Visp, Naters, Brig-Glis and Lalden have won the second edition of the #prixalpiq award with the “Regionale Wasserversorgung Südrampe” project, which secures the drinking water supply of the agglomeration and thus meets the water needs of the municipalities and industry. This innovative intercommunal collaboration, which began in 2021, enabled the first stage of the project – the conveyance of spring water from the Munderberg to the distribution well in Visp – to be completed in record time. Since this spring, more than a million cubic metres of water have been injected into the water supply of the municipalities in the agglomeration. The next stage of the project is to extend this water supply system by constructing new pipes to guarantee access to drinking water until 2040. In addition, a turbine installation will use the waterfall to generate electricity. The #prixalpiq award will contribute to the project’s development and, in particular, will raise awareness among the general public about regional water supply issues. This project is an inspiring example of how to deal with the climate challenges of today and tomorrow and is innovative in terms of the shared and overall approach of the municipalities in managing resources. 

A film that raises awareness among little ones and grown-ups about the sustainable management of water resources

Produced by Artemis Films Production S.A. and sponsored by the municipality of Ayent, the film project “La Conquête de l’Eau”, which tells the story of the relentless struggle of our ancestors to find water in the Valais mountains, won the jury’s heart. Faced with the current challenges of climate change, and particularly with periods of severe drought, the issue of water and its sustainable management now plays a major role in our society. It is a docudrama for the cinema filmed in the Ayent region with shots of spectacular alpine landscapes and unpublished archive images. The audience will understand the value of water as a resource, the importance of preserving it and the striking relevance of this topic today. 

#prixalpiq: preserving and recycling the use of water resources

Eight sustainable water management projects supported by eleven Valais municipalities have been submitted to the #prixalpiq 2022 jury. Made up of twelve independent personalities from Valais, this jury selected the winning projects based on criteria such as sustainability, feasibility, the usefulness of the project for the municipalities and the level of innovation.
Alpiq and the ACC are pleased to support this year’s two winners and will also continue to support the 2021 winners. Thanks to the funds received, both the winning project “Erneuerung Gesamt-Bewässerung Salgesch” (Renewal of the entire Salgesch irrigation system) of the commune of Salgesch and the “Winner of hearts” project “WaSTeLeSS” of Val de Bagnes were able to progress and carry out initial tests and studies.
The #prixalpiq award is a response to the challenges of preserving and managing water resources that the Valais, Switzerland’s water reservoir, must face today. It specifically supports the municipalities of the Valais in their commitment to manage water efficiently, aiming to bring about sustainable solutions and to generate a tangible and positive impact within the municipalities.

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