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Safe and economical nuclear power stations

Lausanne – Over the last few years, the Gösgen nuclear power station has implemented major investment projects to ensure its safe and economical long-term operation. As a logical consequence, the power station has adjusted the financial amortisation period to 60 years.

In recent years, the Gösgen-Däniken AG nuclear power station (KKG) has replaced important systems and main components of the power station's nuclear and conventional facilities (generators, turbines, control systems, constructional measures, upgrades and retrofitting). With these large-scale investments, the operators have modernised and continuously upgraded the power station. This practice of upgrading has been applied ever since the power station was put into operation. It forms the basis for the very good safety evaluations during EU stress tests and ensures the safe and economical long-term operation. Now, as a natural consequence, the financial amortisation period of the KKG has been adjusted from 50 to 60 years.

The adjustment of the amortisation period has been carried out in conformity with the applicable accounting standards (Swiss GAAP FER), with the legal regulations and with the recently revised Ordinance on the Decommissioning and the Waste Disposal Funds.

Alpiq holds a 40-percent share in the Gösgen Däniken AG nuclear power station and is the managing partner of the power station. The Leibstadt AG nuclear power station (KKL) is also adjusting its financial amortisation period to 60 years. Alpiq holds a 32.4 share in KKL.

The period over which KKG and KKL will be operational depends on how long the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI) classifies the power stations as safe and how long it will be possible to operate them in a safe and economical manner in accordance with the applicable laws.