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The Le Peuchapatte wind turbines: works begin

Just over 30 days after having received the construction permit for the three wind turbines at Le Peuchapatte in the Jura municipality of Muriaux, Alpiq will be starting the works this week. The commissioning of these wind turbines, which are Alpiq’s first on Swiss soil, is planned for as early as the end of 2010.

This Wednesday, 19 May 2010 will mark the beginning of the preparatory works concerning notably the building of access roads and connections. The construction of this wind farm meets a need to develop new renewable forms of energy in Switzerland in order to satisfy the growing electricity requirements. As soon as they are commissioned - which is scheduled for the end of the year - the installations will be connected underground to the Noirmont transformer station and in this way to the existing medium-voltage grid of Les Forces Electriques de La Goule.

The latest generation of wind turbines Alpiq had filed a construction permit application on 2 July 2009, further to the classification of Le Peuchapatte as a priority site by the environmental master plan of the canton of Jura. A number of specific surveys, concerning noise in particular, had been conducted in order to guarantee a wind farm in harmony with its environment.

The three Enercon E-82 type wind turbines, whose mast is 108 metres high, incorporate the most advanced technology. They are particularly silent and reliable, having a total installed power of 6.9 MW and generating an annual output of 12 million kWh, which is about 10% of household consumption in the canton of Jura.

Alpiq will give preference to local players In order to give preference to local players, Alpiq is currently studying the possibility of entering into partnerships with local companies. In the same vein, Alpiq undertakes, in the event of an electricity shortage, to give priority to supplying the cantonal territory, on market conditions.