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Manage the flexibility of your asset with demand side management

We help you to generate new business opportunities thanks to your flexible assets protecting your production processes. With demand side management (DSM), we optimise the electricity consumption of your factories, reduce the risk of imbalance and create added value in the dispatching services market. Our main customers are electricity producers and industrial customers.

Manage your flexibility with Alpiq

From the operating control room we monitor your production and your consumption 24/7. Our dual role as supplier and aggregator puts us in a position to identify the most advantageous income opportunities for your business. Contact us for a customised solution.

What we offer

  • Installation of control devices

  • Control room 24/7

  • Portal dedicated to customers

  • Using Artificial Intelligence tools to analyse your data

  • Access to our pool

  • Participation in the dispatching services markets and Terna's pilot projects (UVAM)

Your benefits

  • New source of income

  • Full service along the entire value chain

  • No significant investment needed

  • Profit-sharing models

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