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Alpiq offers innovative full-service solutions for new Coop distribution centre

Alpiq has been awarded a contract worth over CHF 30 million to provide building technology for the new Coop distribution centre in Schafisheim, Switzerland. As part of their new corporate strategy, the Swiss market leader offers innovative full-service solutions in the area of energy efficiency.

Alpiq has been awarded a sub-project, which is part of the new Coop distribution centre in Schafisheim, near Lenzburg (Aargau), with an approximate volume of over CHF 30 million. The full-service building technology solution encompasses expertise in approximately 15 different disciplines including electrical installation, building automation, building security and protection, heating, ventilation, climate control, smoke extraction, air conditioning, industrial cooling, sanitation systems as well as pressurised air.

Alpiq will also install an innovative energy monitoring application in the new Coop buildings. This will enable the permanent monitoring of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and the immediate implementation of remedial measures if any deviations from the desired values are detected. Energy monitoring of this kind provides the basis for the optimisation of operations, aimed at ensuring both the more efficient use of energy resources as well as the avoidance of unnecessary additional costs.

State-of-the-art technologies and a holistic approach to the provision of a range of services from different trades allow Alpiq to handle large projects of this scale. Despite the wide-ranging scope of the contract, Coop only needs to talk with a minimal number of contact persons at Alpiq. Such added value is also the product of a basis of trust, built up through a range of other projects.

From 2016, Coop will supply roughly one-third of its retail outlets in Switzerland from the new distribution centre. The building volume is equivalent to 1000 single family homes. A total of 1900 employees will work in the new buildings. Facilities will include the largest bakery and confectionery in Switzerland, as well as an automated freezer warehouse.