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Scrip dividend: Alpiq increases its share capital

Lausanne – For the first time, Alpiq has offered its shareholders the option to subscribe to new Alpiq shares in lieu of a cash dividend of CHF 2. During the election period from 5 to 13 May 2015, 17.00 hrs. CEST, shareholders were able to choose between a cash or share distribution. Within this election period, 25,336,712 entitlements were exercised in favour of the share distribution in the form of new Alpiq shares. Accordingly 684,776 new Alpiq shares will be issued from authorised capital. This corresponds to 2.5 % of the current issued and outstanding share capital. In doing so, Alpiq is strengthening its capital base and improving the financial flexibility of the Group.

In total, 93.2 % of the dividend distribution for the financial year 2014 will be in the form of new Alpiq shares. Shareholders that opted for a cash distribution or who have not made a (valid) election within the election period will receive a cash payment in the amount of CHF 2 per existing Alpiq share. Accordingly, the cash distribution amounts to a total of CHF 3.7 million. Delivery of the new Alpiq shares as well as the payout of the cash dividend will take place on 20 Mai 2015. Listing and trading of the new Alpiq shares are also foreseen for 20 May 2015.

In the course of publication of the Annual Results 2014 on 9 March 2015, Alpiq announced that the dividend would remain the same at CHF 2 per share. On 30 April 2015, the Annual General Meeting approved the proposal of the Board of Directors to issue a scrip dividend (Wahldividende) in order to strengthen the capital base and the financial flexibility of the Alpiq Group.