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A lofty challenge

To make room for the new heavy goods transport centre in Erstfeld, Atel Transmission Ltd. had to move a pylon and raise it to around 70 meters. The far-from-routine project was carried off successfully.

People at Atel are used to thinking big. Thanks to detailed preparations, the experienced team was able to carry out their various tasks according to plan.

When it comes to transporting and distributing electricity, employees of Atel Transmission Ltd. are the right partners thanks to a long track record and extensive know-how. This is especially true of technically challenging projects that place a great many requirements on the entire team. In the summer of 2007, Atel Transmission Ltd. was presented with a far from routine challenge in Erstfeld, canton Uri.

Dismantle, relocate, re-assemble

In addition to construction of the Gotthard motorway, a new heavy goods transport centre for more than 400 trucks is scheduled for completion by 2009. To make room for the large-scale construction project, a pylon along the Amsteg-Mettlen power line had to be moved. Around 15 members of the Gösgen and Altdorf pylon groups had close to three weeks in which to move the pylon by 37 meters. While the pylon was dismantled bit by bit on the old location, a 13-meter substructure was being constructed at the new location. This meant that the new pylon would rise to the towering height of close to 70 meters. The Atel Transmission team replaced existing crossbars on two other pylons with shorter ones in order to address electromagnetic field requirements.

Atel Transmission Ltd.

Employees of Atel Transmission Ltd. carried out the complete pylon relocation project under their own steam, from planning to re-assembly. This extensive know-how and capability even for challenging major projects is what differentiates Atel Transmission Ltd. from other providers in the energy services market.

Everything according to plan

Relocating the pylon in Erstfeld posed special challenges to Atel Transmission Ltd. employees. Not only did pylon for the 220/380kV line have to be moved; it also had to be raised by 13 meters. This could not be achieved without heavy equipment. With the aid of two gigantic pneumatic cranes, overhead linesmen managed to dismantle the pylon, move it and re-erect it in its new location. Despite at times wet, cold weather conditions, the Atel Transmission team succeeded in completing the work within the planned time frame.