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Alpiq assembly technicians take part in emergency exercise in the Baltic Sea

In mid-June, employees of GA Netztechnik GmbH took part in a two-day offshore safety training course. They donned survival suits, fought fire and learned how to survive on the open sea.

Training for an offshore wind farm assignment

GA Netztechnik GmbH, a subsidiary of Alpiq Anlagentechnik GmbH, is contracted to carry out assembly work on a 50-MW offshore wind farm. Its employees are commissioned to connect the BALTIC 1 wind farm, located about 16 kilometers off Germany's Baltic Sea coast, to the mobile network and set up mobile connectivity throughout the wind farm.

Surviving on the open sea Construction on the open sea is a dangerous business, which is why all assembly technicians working on the offshore wind farm have to complete a safety training course. This also applies to the seven employees of GA Netztechnik, who learned how to respond to accidents on offshore construction sites and how to operate rescue equipment. They were instructed on how to survive on the open sea, and given a baptism of fire in the fire protection lesson. Andre Quill, project manager for system technology, also attended the course at the Training Centre in Rostock, and found the exercise well worth while. "Thanks to the demonstration of various scenarios, I am now fully aware of the dangers", said Quill. "The fire-fighting exercise in the fire container in particular has redoubled my respect for the risks involved." Having completed the offshore safety training course, the assembly technicians are now ready to tackle construction work on the open sea.