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Alpiq supports new Mischabel Hut in the Valais

At the beginning of July 2012, the Academic Alpine Club of Zurich (AACZ) inaugurated the renovated Mischabel Hut in the Valais Alps. Due to its close ties with the mountains and commitment to energy efficiency, Alpiq supported the project.

Energy-efficient building at 3,400 m altitude

Projects at this altitude are always a major challenge, "particularly because of the unstable weather and the logistics," says architect and project manager Peter Büchel. And implementing this type of project, at an altitude of 3,400 metres, was not made any easier by the fact that for two seasons it was business as usual while renovations were being carried out, says Büchel. Despite all the obstacles, the work was completed within eight months.

Hut complies with strict environmental protection regulations Four years ago, various factors prompted the AACZ to consider renovating the hut: firstly, climate change frequently resulted in a scarcity of water. And secondly, investments had to be made for environmental reasons. The new hut is now fitted with more solar panels which provide the entire electricity supply for the brand-new kitchen and lighting. An ingenious ventilation system also extracts moist air to ensure a pleasant indoor climate. This also enables the permafrost below the hut to change at the same rate as the surrounding permafrost, sustainably ensuring the hut's stability. The new waterless toilet also complies with environmental standards.