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Alpiq updates the electrical engineering in the Swisscom shops in French-speaking Switzerland

In order to provide its customers with more individually tailored advice and service and thus improve the overall customer experience, Swisscom is modernising all its shops, with the work due to be completed by the end of 2014. Alpiq InTec is carrying out the installation of electro-technical systems in the 50 shops in French-speaking Switzerland – with a special team from the branch in Fribourg.

Swisscom operates approximately 130 shops in Switzerland – they play a key role in the customer care offered by the largest local telecommunications provider. In order to meet increased customer demands in terms of product presentation and advice and thus improve the overall customer experience, Swisscom is remodelling all its shops according to a new concept. The new design is scheduled to be rolled out in all stores by the end of 2014.

Alpiq InTec Romandie SA is responsible for the complete renewal of the electro-technical installations in the 50 shops in Western Switzerland. Its remit encompasses replacing the control panel, renewing the IT, security and fibre-optic cabling, supplying electricity for the display counters and installing anti-burglar systems, surveillance cameras, fire alarm systems, sound systems, etc.

15 days per shop – dedicated team from Fribourg

Each shop will be completely renovated in 15 days. The sophisticated electrical systems will be installed over the course of these 15 days by an experienced team made up of eight permanently seconded specialists from the Fribourg branch of Alpiq InTec Romandie SA. This guarantees continuity and the highest level of professionalism, and ensures that all Swisscom shops will enjoy the stunning new look from 2014 on.

EL_Experience more in the new Swisscom Shops - press release