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Excursion to the Lower Engadin

Travelling remains difficult at the moment, especially if you want to cross your country’s borders. Throughout summer, we will be offering you a breath of fresh air as we take you through regions that are home to facilities owned by Alpiq or its partners. Perhaps you will want to discover these places for yourself on your next trip?

The Engadiner Kraftwerke EKW are some of the largest producers of electricity in Switzerland with an annual generation of around 1,400 million kWh. The complex, which is surrounded by the largest conservation area in Switzerland – the Swiss National Park, is made up of the Livigno and Ova Spin reservoirs and the three power plants Ova Spin, Pradella and Martina. A network of hiking trails lets you explore a unique wealth of alpine animals and plants in unspoiled, wild alpine scenery.

There are other places to visit around the national park. Stephan Kloter especially enjoyed a bike ride, two hikes and an excursion. He is Head of Group Accounting & International Finance at Alpiq and is a member of the Finance Commission of the Engadiner Kraftwerke AG. Alpiq has a 22% share in the partner plant: “Every time I go to the Engadin region on business, I feel like I want to holiday right away because I love the water, forest, meadows and mountains. The unique landscape invites you to bike, hike, marvel, observe and contemplate.”

  • Bike ride – Val S-charl: An extremely scenic and attractive route, starting from the Ofenpass, which is in easy reach via the PostBus service. From the top of the pass, follow the hiking trail in an easterly direction via Alp da Munt and Alp Champatsch to the Pass da Costainas. At first the trail is fairly flat. Towards the end, you may need to get off the bike a few times to push it up to the pass. After about 1.5 hours you will reach the Pass da Costainas and ride down to the Val S-charl, passing the Tamangur, the highest stone pine forest in Europe. After a few kilometres you will reach the wonderful summer-season village of S-charl, one of the most remote villages in Switzerland. No cars are allowed in the village and in winter it can only be reached by foot or by horse-drawn sleigh. You will then pass enormous masses of scree and the water catchment area of the Clemgia stream. The EKW channel the water into the Pradella plant via a 2,540 m long tunnel. The last part of the ride heads downhill to the River Inn. You can either take the pretty trails through the forest or the road. If you want more of a challenge and to tackle some steep hills, reverse the ride and start in Scuol.
  • Hike – Motta Naluns - Alp Clünas - Alp Laret - Ftan - Scuol: Take the gondola lift to 2,142 m above sea level. You’ll feel like the whole of the Lower Engadin is at your feet. The route climbs to Chamanna da Naluns and Alp Clünas. From the panoramic trail the view extends as far as the Ötztal Alps. Alp Laret offers a well-earned rest. From Ftan, you can take the PostBus service or walk back to Scuol on the panoramic trail.

  • Hiking the Engadin alpine path from Vnà to Tschlin: The Via Engiadina hike takes you through the entire Lower and Upper Engadin. There are delightful, panoramic sections on easy paths, but also rough paths, steep climbs and detours through gorges and side valleys. The route is attractive because it is very varied. Stephan Kloter recommends the section from Vnà to Tschlin: “I particularly like this hike because it offers an abundance of natural beauty, the River Inn is in view for the most part and because a climax awaits hikers at the end. In Tschlin, you can enjoy a Tschliner beer, which is best combined with a ‘Bündnerplatte’ (a plate filled with delicious local meat).”

  • Scuol Thermal Baths: Natural mineral water springs up in Scuol in various places. One such example is the village well, where water can be sourced via a tap. The water also feeds the pools of Bogn Engiadina, which are thermal baths offering sauna and spa facilities in the centre of the village. It’s the best place to spend a cloudy day with the family. It can also be combined with a pleasant tour of the village. In the older part of the village on the Inn river there are impressive Engadin houses. A tour of the power plant is also highly recommended. You can visit the Pradella power station near Scuol, with its compensating reservoir and impressive machine hall, in groups of four.