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Load management from Alpiq improves efficiency for Mega Gossau AG

Mega Gossau AG is the Swiss specialist for metal die-casting and a market leader for customer-specific metal solutions as well as for door and window fittings. Thanks to Alpiq's "Optimo Plus 2014" energy efficiency programme, Mega Gossau AG was able to considerably improve the electricity-usage efficiency of its die-cast production processes.

Annual electricity consumption reduced by 70,000 kWh thanks to Alpiq/Xamax

In mid-December 2015, a new load management system from Alpiq was introduced. Since then, this Xamax system has been reducing electricity consumption through the targeted ventilation/air extraction of the production buildings, and a reduction of the temperature of the holding baths for zinc and aluminium at night and during weekends. These measures will save around 70,000 kWh per year, which corresponds to the annual consumption of approximately 15 households. Thanks to the investment incentive from the "Optimo Plus 2014" programme, the costs for Mega Gossau will be amortised within two and a half years.

In 2014 and 2015, Alpiq was given the green light by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)/ProKilowatt for the two incentive programmes, "Optimo Plus 2014" and "Optimo Plus 2015", it had submitted. The SFOE supports programmes and projects that lead to significant energy savings in the use of equipment, plants, vehicles and buildings in industrial and service companies.

With the two ProKilowatt incentive programmes, Alpiq is deepening its commitment towards achieving the efficiency goals within the framework of the Energy Strategy 2050.