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Meet Antoine, our power plant dispatcher

Antoine is a dispatcher in the control centre from which Alpiq's electricity production is monitored and controlled. He shares his office in Lausanne with ten colleagues. From here, the young energy engineer is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly at Alpiq's hydroelectric power plants. Antoine and his colleagues work in shifts around the clock, 365 days a year, to ensure that the amount of energy sold is delivered.

In the event of an outage or malfunction, they can intervene immediately from Lausanne, for example, to stop a machine group at a power plant in Valais. At the same time, Antoine and his colleagues are developing IT tools to optimise electricity production. One example of this is the production forecasts for run-of-river power plants depending on prices, or the optimisation of programs in order to minimise the start/stop processes of machines.  

The role of the dispatcher requires extensive knowledge of the specific IT tools for energy production and sales, a high degree of flexibility and agility in order to be able to react to any sudden disruptions in hydropower plants. 

Discover Antoine's inspiring career path and his passion for Alpiq.

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In the People@Alpiq series, we present the people who work for Alpiq, show what they do and who they are.