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Zlin power plant produces "clean energy"

Zlin Company Alpiq Zlin s.r.o. continues in its effort to supply customers with green energy. After exchange of old boilers with two new fluid blocks and with consideration of modern trend in energetic, company management decided for investment “Adjustment of fuel batching on FU 31”. This adjustment consists in technology enable to co-burn coal and biomass what means to produce green energy. Site works begun on 9.1.2009 and equipment was commissioned on 1.6.2009.

Types of biomass used as fuel:

  • Waste from timber mill: sawdust, wood shavings, bark
  • Brown wood chip: made from flitches, cuttings, from chipping machines etc.
  • Wood chip: top wood, waste from timber works (evergreens, greenwood), woodchip from cutters
  • Alternative fuel from z fermenter

Adjustments were made of fluid block FU31 which consists of fluidized bed boiler with nominal output 150 t/h of steam with pressure 9,6 MPa, 540oC and turbo generator with output 25 MW with back pressure turbine and heat exchanger for district heating system.

Amount of burned biomass is balanced in accordance with amount of available biomass on market. This amount is 5 t/h. With average heat content 10 MJ/kg this is 13,9 MW thermo power input, which is 11 % of boiler nominal output. Up to now signed long term contracts with suppliers ensure 30 000t of biomass yearly. These suppliers ensure biomass sources from Zlin region. They are from area of Velké Karlovice, Halenkov and as well from near area - Pěšl sawmill Želechovice. By biomass combustion company saves 25 000t of brown coal. And we presume that with this system will be possible to burn biofuel from fermenter which is operated by TSMZ.

System of biomass transport is designed to fulfill output and reliable transport in large spectrum of assumed biomass quality (heat content, water content, etc).

Technology of coal and biomass co-burning consists of receiving and stocking part and of transporting part. Receiving and stocking part consist of receiving hopper and system of conveyers which leads biomass into steel silo with 1000m3 capacity. With maximal calculated consumption 5 t/h of biomass it means 72 hours of operation. That means no trucks on weekend. From silo biomass is transported by system of conveyers into burning chamber.

For delivery of complete Work was on the basis of selection procedure chosen Hungarian company Kraftszer Kft. from Budapest. This company has experiences with similar projects in Hungary and the Work does by sub-suppliers. For most of works were chosen regional companies and suppliers.