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Atel founds Atel Eco Services AG

Atel Holding Ltd (Atel Group) has founded a new company in the Energy Services segment. The company, Atel Eco Services AG, provides services to increase energy efficiency in industrial plant and building services engineering. Atel is concentrating its activities in the field of energy efficiency, one of the four pillars of the Swiss Federal Council's Energy Policy, in the new company. Atel Eco Services AG belongs to the Atel subsidiary Atel Installationstechnik AG (AIT) and has its registered office in Zurich, Switzerland. The Managing Director is Urban Frei.

Increased energy efficiency in building services and industrial plant engineering

Atel Eco Services AG provides services for the increased energy-efficient design, planning, construction and operation of building services and plants. The new company offers sustainability strategies, energy checks, energy concepts, sustainable building services planning, financing of energy-efficient systems, operations optimisation and technical facility management solutions. Atel Eco Services implements both ground-breaking projects employing state-of-the-art technologies (the highest level of energy efficiency with the lowest levels of CO2 emissions), what are known as beacon projects, as well as projects with a widespread impact such as energy checks or energy optimisation. Using the services of Atel Eco Services AG, customers can reduce their energy costs and finance energy-efficient systems with the aid of facility contracting. Atel Eco Services sees a high market potential not only with new buildings, but in particular also with existing buildings. The new company has set itself the objective of providing contributions to the increase of energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions and hence to the achievement of the defined climate targets.

Atel Eco Services implements projects that meet high requirements Projects that are implemented by Atel Eco Services meet the very highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency. These include, for example, those of the "SIA Effizienzpfad Energie" (The Efficiency Path Energy guideline from the Swiss Engineers and Architects Association, SIA), an instrument to aid energy-efficient construction, or the MINERGIE-P Standard, a building concept aimed at achieving the lowest possible consumption of energy.

Energy efficiency: Important contribution to securing Switzerland's electricity supply "With Atel Eco Services AG, Atel is reacting to the new orientation of the Swiss Federal Council's Energy Policy. Atel Eco Services AG is capitalised at more than CHF 50 million in order to advance and expand the energy efficiency sector", states Atel's CEO Giovanni Leonardi in relation to the founding of the company. "In addition to expanding renewable energy, electricity imports and new large power stations, the increase of energy efficiency is one measure to secure Switzerland's electricity supply in the long-term."

The Atel Installationstechnik Group Atel Eco Services AG is owned by the Atel subsidiary Atel Installationstechnik AG (AIT). With an annual turnover in excess of CHF 600 million, 2,800 employees and 80 branch offices, AIT is one of the leading energy service companies in Switzerland. The Group specialises in energy services and plant engineering for industry and building construction. AIT covers the sectors energy-supply engineering, traffic engineering and building services.

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