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Alpiq feeds gluttonous "Martina"

Alpiq supplies the world's largest tunnel boring machine with electricity. "Martina" devours 80 million kilowatt-hours per annum. This is equivalent to the amount of power used to supply around 16 000 households in one year.

Electricity for the largest tunnel boring machine in the world

Since the end of July 2011 Alpiq ensures that "Martina", the world's largest tunnel boring machine, never runs out of energy. To ensure this, the Alpiq Italian subsidiary signed a one-year contract back in May 2011 with the construction company "Toto Costruzioni Generali S.p.A." to supply it with up to 80 million kilowatt-hours. Toto Costruzioni is using "Martina" in the construction of the two kilometre Sparvo tunnel on the new "Variante di Valico" extension to the motorway between Bologna and Florence.

"The fact that we were awarded the contract for the supply of such a prestigious and extensive project in a particularly difficult economic situation", states Stefano Colombo, Head of Market Italy at Alpiq AG, "is a clear demonstration of Alpiq's ability to satisfy its customers' requirements by offering advantageous solutions."