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Alpiq, San Marco Petroli and Sinloc are jointly working to develop a green hydrogen ecosystem for the Veneto region

Lausanne/Venezia/Padua – Alpiq, San Marco Petroli and Sinloc are jointly launching the project “H2 Laguna”, to develop a green hydrogen ecosystem for the Veneto region. The partners are currently studying the feasibility of developing a 10 MW (megawatts) electrolyzer plant. The project aims at supplying hydrogen for regional transport companies who will use hydrogen fuel-cell trucks and for the decarbonation of the water transportation in the Venice Bay. The maritime area of Porto Marghera represents a unicum in Italy where ground transportation and local navigation in the Venice Bay area are strongly interconnected. The project aims to save around 14,000 tons of CO2 year.

With their project under the name “H2 Laguna”, the three partners Alpiq, San Marco Petroli and Sinloc want to build a production plant supplied by certified green electricity for climate-neutral green hydrogen with a capacity up to 10 MW (megawatts) at a San Marco Petroli site in northern Italy. The three companies have launched a feasibility study to identify the best design of the different technical blocks of the value chain and identify and structure the hydrogen demand for mobility applications in the region.

With an annual production of up to 1,200 tonnes of green hydrogen emissions of around 14,000 tonnes of CO2 per year can be avoided, especially in heavy goods traffic. In addition to the production of green hydrogen, the project aims to build a regional ecosystem for the ground transportation and for the marine navigation. The distribution of green hydrogen via the San Marco Petroli filling station network is also envisaged, as well as the offer of a fuel cell electric truck fleet in which third parties can invest (pay-per-use solutions), and an end-user base. 

With this project, the companies want to actively support the energy transition. It is intended as one of the first building blocks of a larger ecosystem that will enable the development of zero-emission transport solutions in the Veneto region. Above all, the partners want to make an important contribution to the decarbonisation of heavy goods transport in northern Italy and supply up to 150 fuel cell electric trucks per year with green hydrogen. These trucks are powered by hydrogen which is converted in electricity by fuel cell and this guarantee longer autonomy and faster charge. Depending on the development of demand, capacities can be increased accordingly. From the partners' point of view, the project also promotes the overall development of the hydrogen sector in the region by building technological competence and new jobs. It will also make a significant contribution to the UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs).

Alpiq has established experience in green electricity sourcing and is developing hydrogen businesses in several countries. Through its involvement in Hydrospider for example, a unique ecosystem in Switzerland for the procurement, production, and logistics of green hydrogen, Alpiq has been a pioneer in the development and operation of hydrogen plants.
Alpiq will contribute its know-how and experience in the development, construction, and management of green hydrogen ecosystems to the project. Ralph Dassonville, Head Hydrogen Development at Alpiq: “H2 Laguna is a model project. Together with our partners, we are pursuing the common goal of being a pioneer in the development of sustainable heavy mobility in northern Italy. From Alpiq's point of view, this project fits perfectly with our strategy to drive forward the production and distribution of green hydrogen to decarbonise the mobility sector and industry in Europe.”
Fabio Bonavita, CEO of San Marco Petroli: “Our company is a leading player in North Italy thanks to its strategically positioned coastal depot in Venice. We receive oil and biofuels via ships, trains and trucks and resell them to the wholesale market – as ‘bunkers’ for ship owners and as transportations fuels for local retail networks owners – and to the end customer through our 120 branded retail stations. H2 Laguna project is perfectly in line with our strategy to pursue a fully sustainable energy transition in our sector.”

Antonio Rigon, CEO of Sinloc: “H2 Laguna is a hydrogen-driven mobility project consistent with Sinloc commitment to sustainable energy transition. Sinloc, in its role as advisor and investor, will sustain the project both providing economic and financial advisory and ensuring third-party funds for the successful outcome of the initiative. I am sure that H2 Laguna will be a cutting-edge project at national and European level.”


Salvatore Lima

Edoardo Bus 
T +39 335 74 61 321

Giulia Nicoletto
T +39 335 65 90 949
San Marco Petroli
Fabio Bonavita
T + 39 041 25 75 411

About Alpiq
Alpiq is a leading Swiss energy service provider and electricity producer in Europe. Alpiq offers its customers comprehensive and efficient services in the fields of energy generation and trading as well as energy optimisation. As an international energy trader, Alpiq is active in all major European markets. Alpiq has been present in Italy since 1999 and employs more than 100 people in generation, origination and sales. In the Italian market, Alpiq manages around 750 MW of its own and 700 MW of third-party facilities and supplies more than 5 TWh to large industrial customers every year. Among other things, the Alpiq Group is involved in the Swiss Hydrospider ecosystem, which provides a low-carbon transport service by producing hydrogen and delivering it to distribution stations. The ecosystem currently consists of up to 50 hydrogen-powered trucks, which have already covered more than 7 million kilometres, and currently 16 hydrogen filling stations.

About San Marco Petroli
San Marco Petroli is an important independent fuel operator. Founded in 1962 in the industrial area of Marghera (Venice Bay) is active in the midstream with its own storages, wholesale to third-party as well as in the distribution through the wholly owned San Marco Distribuzione retail network. 

About Sinloc
Sinloc Spa – Sistema Iniziative Locali – is a consulting and investment company that operates in Italy and in Europe. It promotes development mostly through the implementation of infrastructures, with feasibility studies, technical assistance activities and with investments in Public-Private Partnership projects (concessions, project financing, etc.). Shareholders include twelve of Italy’s major Banking Foundations.