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Optimisation tool

Nowadays, being able to manage your consumption or production assets automatically and efficiently plays a fundamental role in the objective of reducing costs and maximising profits. The new technologies currently available allow full remote management; such centralised solutions contribute to a clear and immediate overview that facilitates and optimises management of all assets.

Keep your assets under control

Our optimisation tool is the ideal solution for utilities, ESCos and asset management companies that want to take full advantage of their production assets or consumption loads. With our Energy AI Platform, we are able to offer a solution to manage power plants, cogeneration plants, heat pumps and district heating by considering inputs such as energy prices, electricity and thermal energy requirements, certificates, and many other factors. All of this offers you remote and automatic management of your assets.

What we offer

  • Software-as-a-service solution (SaaS)

  • Profit-sharing models

  • Smart hardware

  • Optional remote control

  • Long-term tracking of historical values

Your benefits

  • Smart management

  • Possibility to manage one or more assets

  • Cost reduction

  • Generation of additional income

  • Export to local CVS, Excel, and PDF files

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