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Power plant optimisation: we can help you improve the profitability of your plants

We can support you in power plant management thanks to an efficient and dynamic marketing strategy. It does not matter what type of power plant you manage – whether a renewable or conventional plant, we will get the most out of it for you. Our power plant optimisation takes a number of factors into account, such as market prices and weather forecasts, plant features and availability, as well as the planning of maintenance interventions to improve your activities.

Our experience in optimising power plants is synonymous with your success

As the manager of a diversified power plant park, we know how important it is to optimise electricity generation plants. We cover all relevant services, from monitoring the performance of power plants, to forecasts and fuel purchasing.

Our traders will help you develop strategies that are consistent with your risk tolerance and can extract the most profit from the market. If necessary, we can support you in defining goals and targets.

We offer our experience in marketing and optimising our assets in Italy and in Europe.

What we offer

  • Integrated optimisation of power plants.

  • Ad hoc built reports

  • Access to the dispatching services market

Your benefits

  • A partner with many years of experience in gas and energy

  • Monitoring of plants 24/7

  • Possibility to work continuously in intra-day markets and dispatching services

  • Use of the Alpiq technological infrastructure

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